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Both Apple and Google require you to answer yes to all questions when installing the ICIWorld Apps.

We also recommend you make the following website a shortcut on your phone. It uses virtually no resources.

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You must be able to click on the ICIWorld icon on your phone (1 second), then

Click on either Search Commercial or Search Residential (1 second for a total now of 2 seconds) and then

Click on Search Database at the bottom of the form and

The results come up on the screen of the very latest up to the second results. (1 second – total of 3 seconds!!!)

Do separate searches for:

key words,
business category,
business area,
Have or Want,
Age of Listing, etc.
Sort by:

latest listings first,
Square Footage
This will add a few seconds more to your search . . . that’s it.

Make connections, develop good business relationships, network and do business.

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Search and make connections to do business.

See business being done.

Every single on of these testimonials I have personally spoken with the broker or salesperson.
These are actual deals where they have collected a cheque and got paid.
There are tens of thousands of connections being made and who knows how many other properties have been sold as a result of make connections on ICIWorld, where people developed good business relationships and then went off and did another deal not on the service, but without ICIWorld would not have started.Do not be a secret agent. Get your properties, Haves and Wants onto ICIWorld and get your information working 24/7 on behalf of your prospects and clients.

To add and network your properties, Haves and Wants and exclusive opportunities worldwide:

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Only licensed real estate brokers and salespeople may join.

Make an appointment and may we show you how it is done so quickly and easily it may amaze you. Absolutely no obligation to join.

It is free for the public to search.

See Four Ways For The Public To Make A Connection otherwise one can be missing doing deals and not realize it

After you join go to, click on Log In, click on Executive Member Log In.
Log In on the left. (If you forget your password, click on Login Help Password),

this is the Log In Member Management Page with choices on the left.
Add a listing and with one click reach the world.
Executive Member Training and Support
Make an appointment Conducted in your home or business office, over the Internet while talking with you over the phone. We will be in our office and you will be able to see our screen and vice versa. For demos, training, questions, assistance, advice, website design, consultation, and more.
All choices are on the left to add, modify and delete listings, modify your record, etc. and see the Latest Listings daily on the left with approximately 50-150 new ones daily.

When you add a listing, Have or Want, with one click you reach the world. Literally instantly with a readership from people in 138 countries.

Everyone that has our mobile Apps for iPhones and Androids as well as the mobile site can see your information.
Mobile users have gone from 0-8,000 users in 2016 and increasing and expected to double in 2017. This is in addition to the following circulation, distribution, and readership from people in 138 countries.

See Circulation, Distribution, and Readership. See what we are doing to promote the Apps and which purpose is to bring traffic to your listings, business for your clients, and income for you. This is a real estate broker-centric service for the world.
This is information which is the gold on the Internet for real estate. Some say it is the currency of our real estate industry. Now it is at your fingertips with the ICIWorld applications for mobile phones. It is only 3-7 seconds on your mobile device to see the latest real estate opportunities, buyers and sellers and what they have or want. Make an appointment, show a property, write an offer, sell it and make money.
See testimonials of deals being done.
Everyone does business or make an appointment with us for a checkup to identify issues so you know what to do to fix them. We help. See Our Pledge.
For instance: Many members do not realize, you must keep your listings less than 90 days old to appear on all ICIWorld Mobile Apps World Wide. This is the default setting . . . 90 days. Otherwise, your information is on ICIWorld but it is not getting seen by the widest audience. We recommend that you modify your listing every 30-60 days to take advantage of the extensive EMail circulation that every new listing gets and every listing that is modified after 30 days.

See other dynamic information services for real estate brokers and salespeople.

We are real estate brokers and salespeople designing information systems for real estate brokers and salespeople.

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