A member can just join and place ads and search. A member can also learn how to work information not just listings.

Your responsibility from time to time:

Place ads. We recommend a minimum of fifteen ads, 10 Haves, and 5 Wants. If you can not then you need to learn how to work exclusive information.
Search. You can do it now from your phone at Set it as a shortcut on your phone. Search daily or at the very least once a week. Stay up to date with new real estate opportunities and ideas of buyers and sellers in the marketplace. If you know what a buyer in the marketplace is looking for, you can approach owners in your area for that kind of property. There is a market of buyers and sellers at ICIWorld.
Note: Haves are the properties in real estate for sale and for lease. Wants are what people are looking for.

Make connections to do deals and . . . referrals, just like a doctor does referrals to a specialist.

It is the information platforms and services built for the real estate industry that make the Internet really work for you.

ICIWorld since 1994.

Click on more here below to see information services built for the real estate industry to serve the public.

A 24-hour database of real estate Haves and Wants, searchable from anywhere in the world 24/7/365 operating since 1994. Members add, modify and delete their ads themselves from their computer. A 30 minute training session ensures each member knows how to place ads themselves and they are instantly available to the world. See Circulation.
information appears in over 18,000 places on the Internet instantly
people from 138 countries access information monthly
new listings, Haves and Wants are Emailed out to the industry daily, 20,000+/- subscribers daily
listings appear on 1,000+ other brokers websites instantly and automatically. (you can say yes or no to this in every message)
EMail list servers, 100+ servers where the public can subscribe to receive listings by EMail absolutely free. Commercial and Residential Real Estate List Services.
once a week 22,000 Emails deliver the latest information to the subscribers both the public and real estate salespeople. Includes announcements, events, links to videos, education, reminders on connecting with others, tips, tricks, new tools, and more.
mobile site which you simply add a shortcut on your phone to it. It is information at your fingertips.
Apple App. Go to the App Store, Get and Install iciworld
Android App. Go to the Play Store and Install it. At the moment (Dec. 2016) It will ask you several questions, ie: provide access to location, contacts, photos, etc. If you answer no, you will not be able to install the App. This is a requirement of Google, not ICIWorld. We do not use any of these except location and only if we send out an announcement push notification based on an area such as a CCIM or real estate meeting, expo, or conference.
Texting – we have added texting for 2017. Usually, this is a reminder once per week to check the latest real estate opportunities and buyers on the apps or mobile website. It can include an announcement for an event from time to time. Text EZICIWorld to 393939 to receive a world announcement. Text Ontario to 393939 to receive them only for Ontario.
All advertising and promo that you see in the marketplace is all designed to trigger leads for your listings for you.
ICIWorld Widgets – For Members IDX Links To Listings When a broker becomes a member, links to listings are provided for real estate websites. These links trigger leads. The broker either goes and sells the property himself/herself or he/she does a referral. It is like having classified ads on their own website but in a way that generates inquiries and provides a great service for the public. This is because a buyer or seller may never have found that property. 75% of the Information on ICIWorld is of an exclusive nature on ICIWorld not on any other service.
ICIWorld Widgets – For Non-Members or expired members. They can keep the links to listings on their website. However, the links become clickable.
Basically, every member of ICIWorld should have a minimum of fifteen opportunities working on ICIWorld much like a listing works on a real estate board. This is because we show members how to work exclusive information in a competent, professional manner, compatible with their real estate registration.
Webinars – are used to teach, inform, educate. Our programs allow up to 10,000 to register and 1,000 to attend at one time. The benefit of most Webinars is that as long as one registers, and if one can not attend, he/she will receive a copy of the webinar as a link to a video, in an email, after the event.
We make our Webinar software to member brokers and to real estate boards, who may wish to conduct a public or private meeting with all their members or audience online. This can be done simultaneously live while broadcasting over the Internet. If a broker wishes to host a speaker, the speaker can be located in his/her own office, the broker can be in his/her own boardroom, it can be broadcast into the boardroom, AND it can be broadcast to all his/her real estate salespeople who may not be able to make it into the office.
Services for Chapters – Networking Haves and Wants. Webinars, recordings of seminars, etc.
These are worldwide services working now and available today to simply book an appointment.
One on one training and support by appointment. Usually, one or two 30 minute sessions is all that is helpful to achieve the maximum benefit for this information service.
Knowing our pledge is important because with 3.5 billion people on the Internet if you are not making money or triggering leads every three months with ICIWorld you better call us because you are missing out on something. We have a checklist to go over with each and every member. In virtually 100% of the cases, we can show where a member is missing some of these items they are missing opportunities to do business and do not realize it. As a member, measure 90 days then call us if you have not done a deal.
ICIWorld Educational YouTube Channel. The videos include copies of seminars and webinars that we conduct in real estate offices. This is education. It is one thing to simply place an ad for a listing. It is another thing to learn how to recognize important information that can make you money and then work it in an effective manner. All designed to provide opportunities for you to serve the public and make money.
Retired brokers program. Would you mind making the odd five-minute referral that makes you $3,000 to $l0,000?
Referral brokers program. Would you mind making the odd five-minute referral that makes you $3,000 to $l0,000?
Mobile websites the new Internet Revolution. We are teaching all our members to get the member to get all their prospects and clients to put a link on their phone to the members mobile real estate website. These websites are pretty special because they have three major world networks of listings on them, not just their local real estate board of listings. There are lots of exclusive opportunities that most brokers do not have and their customers are simply missing out. And the broker is missing out triggering new business. The reason one misses triggering leads if you do not have the ICIWorld Widgets of Listings is because the information is structured so that the public has to call the member. They can not click on a listing or see the address.
Voice broadcast services. It is kind of hard for us to be able to call 1,000 to 10,000 broker members to remind them to update their listings every 90 days. We can only do it with information services such as an EMail or Voice Broadcast or Text Messaging. This keeps the price of the network down, otherwise, one person would have to be hired to service every 200 members. But making things automatic keeps the price of the service down. It should not even be an expense. It should be an investment because one deal pays off for a lifetime of services. There is a responsibility on the part of every member to look after their information and keep it less than 90 days old, or their Haves and Wants to do not show in the default settings for ICIWorld on mobile devices.
Over fifty domain names, other ICIWorld Websites and thousands of links and pages on the Internet. All designed to bring traffic to all members listings, Haves and Wants.
Circulation, distibution, readership All designed to bring traffic to all members listings, Haves and Wants.
We suggest this can be the greatest networking to go on in the business. Listings, Have and Wants identify people with whom you may be able to do business. You can select the Have Want Age Field and choose how far back you wish to search.
ICIWorld was the first real estate information service on the Internet in 1994. As a real estate broker since 1972 we saw the Internet coming and knew there would be much to learn about something new and exciting that was going to connect the world and transform the real estate industry.

As a real estate broker since 1972 we saw the Internet coming and knew there would be much to learn about something new and exciting that was going to connect the world and transform the real estate industry.

As a real estate broker since 1972 we saw the Internet coming and knew there would be much to learn about something new and exciting that was going to connect the world and transform the way, business could now easily be done. It was worldwide marketing, networking, communicating with others in the most inexpensive way possible and reduce substantially our costs of marketing, advertising, and networking in real estate.

Today with access to the Internet, a mobile device, phone or computer, 90% of people looking to buy real estate use the Internet. It is natural for real estate boards to provide listings online for people to search.

However, for the world of exclusive real estate, there is nothing of a world scale that helps brokers advertise the same as they do regular real estate listings on a real estate board but for exclusive opportunities that they know about but may or may not have listed. Now there is . . . ICIWorld.

Today there are several distinct and functioning services that are helping people looking to buy, sell and lease real estate and the sale of businesses. Brokers advertise their regular real estate board listings, but they can network real estate opportunities that are not listed by not placing an address or identifying a property. One must have the consent of an owner before identifying a property. On ICIWorld if someone is interested, the broker will get the consent of the owner in writing to show it, and then and only then, identify the property and to show it.

This means that all the FSBO’s in the marketplace type of information can be placed on ICIWorld with a verbal consent, but not an address. This means every opportunity where an owner says bring me in a buyer and I will pay you a commission but I do not want to give you a listing at this time, but I will give you verbal permission to advertise it, can be worked on ICIWorld but without an address. How this is all handled is explained in this 12-minute video. This has resulted in transactions being done that were not possible on a real estate board. See these examples.

Now we have been doing this since 1994 but are surprised that the real estate industry worldwide has not picked up on this. But as you see in the above examples of deals being done, there are brokers who are prepared to make it work and they have profited. It is our firm belief, that every single broker and salesperson in the world can and will benefit from Over time you will come to understand how information services have been put in place to help you serve the public.

Remember only licensed real estate brokers and salespeople may join ICIWorld. It is free for the public to read information in Database 1, information placed by broker members. It is free for the public to place information in Database 2 FREE FSBO AREA but only the broker members of ICIWorld have access to the contact information of these buyers and sellers. Doing it all this way, you will learn, more exclusive information becomes available on ICIWorld than on any other source that we know of at this time. Where else can you get a list of active buyers so quickly? Where else can you see exclusive information so prevalent in our industry? And it is all working smooth as can be today. We hope to continue to make things continually better as time goes on.

See the Return On Investment Here for these members.

Join today and get information services working for you while you are doing other things.

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