Four recorded Webinars DAILY as of 2018. Free to listen.

Was 10:30 AM Now on demand.

Daily For All Real Estate Offices Worldwide Webinar . 90 minutes


1:00 PM

Daily Orientation to ensure Executive Members do business every 90 days. 90 minutes.

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6:00 PM

Daily How To Work Exclusive Real Estate Information and Mastering the Powers of the Internet


8:00 PM

Daily How To Promote Your Real Estate Website REGISTER Grow your business. Generate referrals.



Wonderful comments from brokers and salespeople of all ages, commercial and residential.


Educational Seminar and Webinars for Commercial and Residential Real Estate Professionals USA, Canada

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Learn the Power of Networking Exclusive Information and Mastering the Powers of the Internet.

This Presentation may include any or all of the following:

  • Internet Number 1 Marketing and Money Making Tool in History
  • Growth of the Internet to over three and a half billion people
  • More cell phones on the planet than people. 7 Billion +
  • New Internet Revolution – Mobilization of the real estate industry.
  • The Impact on Commercial & Residential Real Estate
  • The Power of Networking Real Estate Information – It’s the Gold.
  • Reach principals with “information” AND listings to trigger leads.
  • Open and exclusive listings $$$ commercial AND $$$ residential.
  • Public information versus confidential and private information
  • Education, training, assistance, know how, tools, tips, tricks, etc.
  • Unique Listings, Have and Want Content not available elsewhere.
  • Don’t forget the buyers. Work the “Wants” and get showings.
  • Unique Internet Lead Generation concepts, ideas, content.
  • Security on the Internet. How to protect yourself and others.
  • Powerful Marketing Techniques, Social Media, Technology, more.
  • Consumers Want Realtors with Technology.
  • Powerful Listing Tools. How to use buyer lists such as on ICIWorld.
  • Make your websites relevant, more powerful, information centres
  • What good is a website if you have no or little traffic.
  • Learn How To Promote Your Website a monthly Global Webinar
  • Monthly Webinars How To Work Exclusive Information
  • Referral opportunities. Why some do and some don’t do them.
  • We think we can show every single real estate broker and salesperson how to make more money and some very very easily.